YMCA of Greater St. Louis


YMCA of Greater St. Louis

Getting Started

Welcome to the YMCA!

You will soon discover that the Y is more than just a place to work out; more than a place where families can spend quality time together; more than a place to learn to swim; more than a place for kids to play team sports; more than a place for seniors to stay young at heart.

The Y is all those things and much more. It is a place where you belong! It is a safe haven where you and your family may come and interact and feel secure. We want you to get involved in programs and activities that interest you. We are committed to doing everything we can to help you get started and stay committed to your health.

When you’re ready to get started on your health journey, a friendly face at the YMCA will be waiting to help you. As a first step, plan to meet with our fitness center staff to review your overall wellness and exercise needs. You’ll also learn safe operation of all fitness equipment and all YMCA procedures.

Local Y branches also offer Y personal fitness—a 12-week structured and personalized work out plan to meet your needs. Check in at the front desk for more details.

While programs and classes are ever-changing at the Y, what doesn't change are the people. What every YMCA has in common is a dedicated group of  volunteers, staff, members and donors—all of whom are committed to our mission. It is the people of the YMCA who build strong kids, strong families and strong communities—and you can be part of that team!