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Gymnastics & Dance

We offer Gymnastics Birthday Parties!  Click here for more info!

Youth Gymnastics Program

The South County Y offers a variety of gymnastics classes for children, beginning when they walk through age 16.  If you have any questions regarding our gymnastics classes, contact Kathy Pavletich at (314)849-4668, ext 248.

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Competitive Gymnastics Team

Click here for Parent Handbook 2013-2014 for details on the upcoming year's program!

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The South County Y offers a competitive Gymnastics team.... the South Coutny Twisters!  If you are interested in learning more about the team or how your child can join, contact Lauren Pounds, (314)849-4668, ext. 248

South County YMCA "Studio Y" Dance Program

DANCE COORDINATOR:  Joan Bryan, (314)849-4668, ext. 236

Here are the changes
Time to Shine!  Studio Y is now offering private dance lesson.  Choose from Solo's Duet's & Trio's.   
Pick any style of dance.  Please contact Dance Superior for more information and times.
Solo’s - Private dance lesson.
Duet - Private lesson for two.
Trio - Private dance lesson for three.
We’re open to adding a call for a group of six students or more when space is available.

Dance Classes Available:

All ages Monday 7:00-7:45

Tap, Ballet & Acro
Introduction of basic positions, Steps of Tap and Ballet, and Acro in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.
Ages 2-4:  Monday 10:00-10:55
Ages 2-4:    Wednesday 11:00-11:55
Ages 2-3:   Saturday 9:00-9:55

Homeschool Dance
This class is for schooled children.  Children will participate in a 55 minute Dance lesson.
Homeschool Ballet ,Tap & Acro
Monday 12:00-12:55

Tap, Ballet & Jazz
Ages 6-8: Monday 6:00-6:55

Tap & Ballet
Ages 6-8 Tuesday 5:30-6:25
Ages 4-6 Tuesday 6:30-7:25
Ages 4-6 Thursday 6:00-6:55
Ages 7-10 Thursday 7:00-7:55
Ages 4-6 Saturday 10:00-10:55

Musical Theatre
Musical theatre is designed to portray a character or Broadway play or movie musical song through the use of dance, acting and singing.
Ages 4-10 Tuesday 8:00-8:30

Street style of Dance; Movement include elements of popping, locking, footwork, freezes and video Choreography.
Boys class: Monday 5:15-5:45
Ages 10 & up: Tuesday 5:00-5:45
Ages 10 & up: Tuesday, 4:45-5:30

Jazz Leaps & Turns
Ages 7-10 Thursday 8:00-8:30

Pom-pon: is a Fun High energy Dance that combines jumps, kicks, street dance, jazz and formations.  Pom-pon’s required
(Cheer/Pom's) Monday 5:00-5:55pm

Lyrical & Jazz
Lyrical is a Beautiful Flowing dance that incorporates Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance.
Ages 11-18: Thursday 5:00-5:55

Private Lessons: Solo’s Duet’s & Trio’s
For Dancers who are looking to increase skill development, technique, and overall dance ability.
Please call Joan Bryan Dance Supervisor@ (314) 849-4668 Ext 236 for days and times

Fees for Dance
Registration Fee:  $15 per Dancer (Non-refundable)
Recital Fee:            $30 or $45 per family

Monthly Fees:

30 minute class  $20.00 members        $30.00 Non-members
45 minute class  $25.00 members         $35.00 Non-members
55 minute class   $28.00 members         $38.00 Non-members
Solo, Duet, Trio   $40.00 members        $50.00 Non-Members
Dance team        $40.00 members         $50.00 Non Members

*All fees are non-refundable. YMCA reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment. 

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