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Community Theatre

The West County Family YMCA’s Community Theatre is the center of arts for the whole family in West County.  Community theatre performances and a variety of classes and workshops are offered throughout the year. 

During the summer months, the theatre buzzes with day camps at the Summer Arts Academy.  Children ages 5-15 have unique opportunities in theatre, dance, visual arts, circus and other performing arts. Both members and non-members are welcome to participate.


The West County Family YMCA operates five theatre companies that perform throughout the year:

Y-REP TEENS a company for high school students that provides an opportunity to hone their craft outside of school.

Y-REP TWEENS a company specifically geared toward middle-schoolers.

Y-REP KIDS a company for children ages 8-14 that presents plays for all ages.

Y-REP SINGERS  a musical review company featuring youth of all ages.

SHOW’S OVER an improv team of middle school and high school students.

We also present a variety of Special Engagements in partnership with local arts organizations. 

For children interested in learning more about theatre, we offer a variety of classes.


For tickets or show information, please contact Lisa Kramer at


Y Rep Singers Present

Broadway Through the Decades Musical Revue

Take a journey through the best songs of Broadway's past and present.  You'll hear some old favorites and some new classics.

Performance Dates:

September 26&27th, 7:30 pm

September 28th, 3:00 pm



Y-Rep Tweens present

Our Teacher is an Alien

by Jeff Lovett

October 23-25 at 7:30 pm

It's the beginning of what seems like just another school year for students at Reedsville Middle School…until they discover the arrival of a strange new math teacher. From the first day of class, the students realize that something just isn't right about the beautiful Miss Neila. She makes odd noises in class, takes strange calls from people asking if everything is “going as planned” and, to top it all, her name spelled backwards is ALIEN! As the school year progresses, the students try to convince the skeptical school principal that the new teacher is an alien bent on the destruction of Earth, avoid a school bully and do their own investigation of this strange new faculty member. Is Miss Neila an alien or just a strange, young teacher? 


Y-Rep Teens present

The Wrestling Season

by Laurie Brooks

November 20th-22nd at 7:30 pm

Eight young people struggle with the destructive power of rumors and how others see them. This is Matt's year to excel on his high-school wrestling team, but innuendo about his friendship with Luke causes Matt to question himself and his priorities. Kori wants to be accepted for who she is, not the way she looks. Melanie copes with a reputation she cannot grow beyond. Jolt and Heather ultimately regret having too much too soon. And Nicole has so little self-esteem that she agrees with everyone. The action is overseen by The Referee, who comments on the action from inside and outside the drama with hand signals and commands.



Y-Rep Kids present

The Rented Christmas

by Norman C. Ahren Jr. & Yvonne Ahren

December 12th-13th at 7:30 pm

December 14th at 3:00 pm

John Dale hasn’t enjoyed a “real Christmas” for years.  So, on the spur of the moment, he decides to “rent” a Christmas from Anne Weston, who owns the local rent shop.  Anne is at first flustered with the requirements: a tree with presents, Christmas carols and also a wife and five children.  Anne feels she has solved the problem of a Christmas family by calling the actors’ guild.  But the young actors come down with the measles so she turns to the local orphanage.  When the guild can’t locate a “mother”, Anne steps in to play the role herself.  


Theatre Rental

The Chesterfield Community Theater is available for rent for dance recitals, business meetings, lectures, graduation ceremonies and more. We provide lighting, sound, technical and production services for your event. For more information, please contact Technical Director Ian Tobias by email or call 636-532-6515 ext. 231.


All programs are funded in part by the Regional Arts Commission and the Missouri Arts Council.